• 12/11/2018 Our CEO Yamamoto talked as a guest speaker at [FG OSAKA TALK LIVE: How technology will change our lives] organized by Fourglobe Inc.. Click here for details.
    • 11/30/2018 Our CEO Yamamoto's interview has been released on the web media Focus On.
    • 09/03/2018 We have moved our Tokyo Head Office to 4-4-11 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.
    • 08/30/2018 Our CEO Yamamoto talked as a guest speaker at [Trend Note Camp # 17: AI startup in Japan challenging the world] organized by addlight Inc.. The content that he talked is posted on IT media. Click here for details.
    • 08/08/2018 We start collaborating with MACNICA, Inc. for research and development of autonomous driving solution. Click here for details
    • 07/19/2018 We have been certified as a partner company of Inception Program by NVIDIA Corporation, the largest developer and seller of GPU. Click here for details.
    • 06/22/2018 We start providing AI education and training programs for high school students "AI Dojo for Youths". Click here for details.
    • 05/01/2018 Our CEO Yamamoto was featured in the FIVE STAR MAGAZINE the May Number.
    • 04/19/2018 Our CEO Yamamoto held a talk session [Legal and Artificial Intelligence] with Mr. Kita, the lawyer who is also known as the representative lawyer of Coin Check Damage. Click here for details.
    • 03/28/2018 Our CEO Yamamoto talked at the 2nd Sponsoring Meeting of the Tokyo Veterinary Medical Association. Click here for details
    • 03/17/2018 We start providing AI Dojo Data Science Course. Click here for details.
    • 03/06/2018 Corpy&Co. marked the 1st anniversary.
    • 02/28/2018 We presented in AI Accelerator DEMO DAY. Click here for details.